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June 15, 2013

MSJC Board votes 3-2 on Pass Campus Project/EIR

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Re: Resolution 2012/13-235 / Subject: San Gorgonio Pass Campus Master Plan Final EIR

At the June 13, 2013 Board meeting the MSJC trustees voted 3-2 (Ashley/Motte) opposed, to certify the Final Environmental Impact Report for the Project; Adopt CEQA Findings of Fact and Statement of Overriding Considerations for the Project; Adopt the Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting Program and Approve the Project as specified in the District Facilities Plan ( Phases 1, 2, 3).

Four required steps to approve a new college and/or educational center:

1) Evaluate growth potential in the district and the capability of existing colleges, campuses, centers and outreach operation to absorb growth.

2) Submit to the Chancellor’s Office for review and approval a Letter of Intent specifying district plans to increase services into an area/areas presently not being served.

3) If the “letter of intent” is approved, update educational program/facility plans/delivery methods for serving students from the under-served areas.

4) Prepare/submit to the Board of Governors a Request for Approval asking for formal recognition of a new college/center if it is the preferred alternative for  serving the identified area(s).

Source: Facilities Planning Manual/Chancellor’s Office


Fact:  MSJC has done none of the above due diligence re Banning project.  Until this project enrolls 500 Full-time equivalent students (FTES), above the capacity of the other two state approved campus locations, it does not and/or will not receive state approvals to qualify for state capital construction funds and/or operating dollars. This means that “only after approval of the site by the Board of Governors that the Final Project Proposal may be submitted requesting State funds be made available to develop facilities on the site.” The Banning project will take years to reach this level of enrollment.

Local bonds can build it, but operational dollars will not be available until all steps above are undertaken. Until state approved it will take earned resource dollars away from existing state approved campus sites, increasing the cost per FTES at this site in the unnecessary duplication of operational expenses.

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