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September 16, 2013

Community Colleges: Enrollment rises in Inland area, state/PE

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“California Community colleges project an enrollment increase of 2.5 percent and reported a 5 percent jump in the number of classes, although they are still compiling final figures weeks into the fall semester.  Most inland colleges projected even bigger increases, with Riverside City College seeing the largest leap of almost 9 percent more students and almost 11 percent more classes.”

“MSJC, which has campuses in Menifee, Temecula and Banning, reported the smallest increase in the Inland area because the college managed enrollment carefully in the lean years and continued to spend its reserves on students for which it got no state money.” Karen Marriot/MSJC spokesperson


MSJC has failed to increase classes and/or increase students at the state average of 2.5%/5% because the enrollment management program increased class SIZE (head count/seats) NOT SECTIONS, thus the dismal performance of +1/3% more students.

Fact:  MSJC did spend down reserves, but not to maintain class sections because sections were drastically cut since 2009 which has resulted in the loss of 3,000 FTES (full-time equivalent students).

With MSJC having one of the lowest participation rates in the state (Fall enrollment FTES divided by adult population) this is poor performance when measured against other ccc’s within the Inland Empire.

The best enrollment management program would offer +5% more sections to produce +5% FTES.  Simple.

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