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November 05, 2013

Business leader sets high expectations for students/PE

Posted in: News


“Students who graduate from high school without all the classes needed for university admissions will have a hard time finding a job to start their careers, a Riverside business leader said.”

“He said high schools/colleges are not producing enough graduates in science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields to fill the jobs companies like his and others need. Companies such as his (Luminex Software, based in Riverside and sells its data-storage software worldwide) don’t hire locally if they can’t find qualified workers.” ¬†Brian Hawley, CEO/Luminex Software


MSJC has received grants for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) students.

Creating access by increasing STEM sections for the small percent of high performing student enrollments we do have, and guaranteeing those students a two year transfer tract could create better graduation outcomes more able to attract technology companies like Luminex Software, and others to the Inland Empire.

MSJC, not being present at this event is a concern to me.

Did we not know, or did we not go?  Either way, why not?

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