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August 22, 2014

5 Things you should know about poverty in SoCal/Press Enterprise

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“Redlands-based economist John Husing issued a dire warning Wednesday, as elected officals from across Southern California pledged to reignite Johnson’s war on poverty.”

“If we do not solve this problem, we are not going to want to live in Southern California.  The communities are  going to become unhinged.”  John Husing/Redlands Economist

“Compared with the 1970’s, fewer adults earn high school diplomas.  In 1970, 70.4 percent of adults in the region had a high school diploma or less, more than 8 percentage points better than the national average.  By 2012, that figure was 42.3 percent, trailing the national average of 41.7 percent.”

“This is important, because educational ‘attainment’ is considered a root cause of poverty.”

The counties with the highest poverty rates, also have the highest percentage of adults ages 25 and older with a high school education or less.  The counties with the lowest poverty rates, Orange & Ventura, have the lowest percentage.”


Education attainment is vital for a strong economy.  The college going rate within the MSJC district needs to double in the next ten years in order to impact both the personal wealth of our residents and provide a more educated workforce to attract new employers.  Land and the cost of living within our district is less expensive than other areas, but attracting new employers to locate here requires a more educated workforce.

Community colleges remain the least costly higher education institution in the state with the broadest mission of service from remedial education to workforce certificated programs to transfer degrees.

It is imperative that MSJC work & lobby diligently to add a metric on the state funding formula that increases the college participation rate up to the state average in order to serve more students and provide greater access to educational opportunity.

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