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September 17, 2014

Prize $$$ for California Colleges to Think Different(ly) #CAInnovationPrize/California Competes

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FYI    http://californiacompetes.org/news_and_events/prize/

“California Competes did not create this prize nor do we have any formal role in its implementation, but we are promoting it because we see it as an opportunity to spur thinking, discussion and action, to make “innovation” more concrete.”

“California is putting up $50 million in prize money for creative ideas aimed at improving transfer and increasing bachelor degree attainment at the state’s public universities and community colleges.  The Budget Act of 2014 set aside $50 million in prize money, and we want to make sure that California’s public universities and community colleges come forward with their approaches whether they be imaginative or seemingly routine.”

“California needs 2.3 million more graduates with bachelor’s degrees or technical training to be on track to graduate over the next decade.  The state will not meet that need without inventive efforts to improve degree completion and transfer.”


I applaud “California Competes” for promoting this issue.  California Competes has presented at several California Community College conferences which I have attended.  The research they do regarding the study of “college-going rates, ie. participation rates” in the state is exceptional in its data collection for every zip code across California.

The overall results of this research strongly validates that areas with higher college going/graduation rates are the most wealthy/productive areas in our state in all employment areas.  Education is the strong bridge that creates higher incomes, increases employment opportunities, empowers a business to grow in productivity, goods and services and prevents poverty.

According to studies on this site, Riverside & San Bernadino Counties are the two poorest and least educated in the state.  Increasing the college going rate is imperative for a stronger economy.

The obstacle:

In my opinion, bureaucratic status quo practices stifle innovation and most, if not all institutions, have become “institutionally centered” in preserving employment levels above access.

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