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September 17, 2014

California’s Economic Payoff/Campaign for College Opportunity

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1)  For every $1.00 California invests in higher education, it will receive a net return on investment of $4.50. The return is double for those who complete college - $4.80 more than for those who enter but fail to complete college - $2.40.

2)  Californians with a college degree will earn $1,340,000 MORE than their peers with only a high school diplomas.  Past graduates of UC/CSU return $12 billion annually to the state.

3)  The state would have to increase its investment in higher education 3X before it would fail to return its original investment.

4)  By entering and completing college, the average California will spend 4 years less in poverty, reducing the expected number of years they receive cash aid by more than 2 years.

5)  IOU  By the time a graduate reaches 38 years old, the state’s initial investment is repaid in full.



Community Colleges are the stepping stone to higher degrees. We must increase our college going rates for increased economic productivity and reduction of poverty rates in our area of California.

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