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September 19, 2014

A Matter Of Degrees/Press Enterprise

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“Getting more students to graduate from college benefits everyone.  Regions with a highly educated workforce attract more jobs and businesses.  The Inland Empire has one of the lowest percentages of residents with a college degrees of any large U.S. metropolitan area.”

“This is about equity and this country is all about equal opportunity.  Right now, opportunities are not equal.” Steven Brint, UCR Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education.


This is the talking point that needs to be strongly communicated for the economic benefit of our district.  It is indisputable that college degrees increase personal income levels and drive the economic engines of our area.

MSJC needs to double current enrollments and increase transfers to UC/CSU.   Doing so, will greatly improve the college going rate, resulting in a more educated workforce and overall increased wealth within our district.

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