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October 25, 2014

After Recession, Chance to Reset/Press Enterprise

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“Now is the time to really rethink education in the Inland Empire and perhaps tax incentives to attract firms with high-paying jobs.”   Manfred Keil/Associate Professor of Economics-Claremont McKenna College


This is the fourth P/E article in a month stating the importance of college educations and  ”college going rates” to strengthen an economy.  Education is the one most important factor that can change the economy of the Inland Empire.  California cities and counties with high college going rates, are the most desirable to live and work in and provide the highest amenities for residents due to higher tax revenue.

The current “college going rates” and graduation rates in the Inland Empire are some of the lowest in the state.  Without an educated workforce, the I.E. can do little to attract large corporations, technology and manufacturing companies and the CEO’s in those companies don’t want to move to and live in communities that have high poverty rates.  This is exactly the reason WHY, EDUCATION IS THE ANSWER to changing the economic future of our cities within the I.E.

Measure AA will double enrollments at MSJC which will counter poverty rates, increase earning potential, provide a more educated workforce and hopefully attract new employers due to the lower cost of land, resulting in increased tax revenues for our cities, making our cities more able to provide needed services for public safety, roads, maintenance, etc.

What would you rather do?  Pay taxes for increased social services and subsidized housing or educate a workforce to decrease poverty resulting in increased tax revenue for city services and higher property values.

The choice is yours.  Strengthen the Inland Empire - Vote “Yes” on Measure AA

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